Human Coronavirus (229E) Nucleocapsid Protein, His tag, E. coli

There are six strains of coronavirus within two subgroups that infect humans. The strains of human coronaviruses that commonly infect people worldwide include 229E and NL63 in the Alpha subgroup and OC43 and HKU1 in the Beta subgroup. Nucleocapsid protein (NP) packages the positive strand viral genome RNA into a helical ribonucleocapsid (RNP) and plays a fundamental role during virion assembly through its interactions with the viral genome and membrane protein M. This product is composed of a DNA sequence encoding Human Coronavirus (229E) NP and a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus.
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Source :
Escherichia coli

Sequence :
SQTSPATAEPVRDEVSIETDIIDEVN with polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus

Endotoxin level :
<0.1 EU per 1 μg of the protein by the LAL method.

Purity :
>98% as determined by SDS-PAGE.

Formulation :
The protein was lyophilized from a solution containing 1X PBS containing, pH 7.4.

Reconstitution :
It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized protein in sterile H2O to a concentration not less than 100 μg/mL and incubate the stock solution for at least 20 min to ensure sufficient re-dissolved.

Storage :
Lyophilized protein should be stored at -20°C. Upon reconstitution, protein aliquots should be stored at -20°C or -80°C.

Note :
Please use within one month after protein reconstitution.